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Unturned - How to add Admin

This is how you create admins for an Unturned Game Server.

There are a number of ways to assign admin on an Unturned server. If one of these methods do not work, try another.

#1 - When in game playing, open a chat or global chat window and type: @Admin (Your SteamID).

#2 - In your TCAdmin control panel there is a Configuration Files icon link, click this. Then open your Commands.dat file with the Text Editor link, and enter:
Admins (Your SteamID)
Owner (Your SteamID)
Save and close the file, then restart your server.

#3 - Is to edit your Permissions.config.xml file as instructed below:
1) Logon to your tcadmin control panel, stop the game server, navigate to Configuration Files and click on Permissions.config.xml

2) This is an xml file so the format MUST be as follows. Enter the info the same format with replacing "YOURSTEAMID64" to your steamid, you also need to add "admin" to the commands list to give you the ablilty to use the /admin command




3) Once done, click Save, and Start the game server.

4) Join the server and in chat if you where successful then you should be able to type /admin "steam name". You will now be Admin in your server.

Once you have assign admin, you may also have to enable cheats, depending on what command you want to use. This can also be completed within your Commands.dat file by adding:
Cheats Enabled
Save and restart your server.

Specific admin command can be found here:

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