What's included in every Dedicated Server:

  • Full root/administrator access
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Server Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Hardware Replacement
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support
  • Private VLAN
  • IPMI / KVM/IP On Demand
  • SLA 99.9% Uptime
  • VPS
  • 2021-07-12
    I am located in Peru, South America. I have a couple VPS in Dallas. Considering the distance the performance is the best I have found out of all the providers out there. I tell all my friends and colleagues to use WattaServer.
    Victor P
  • Web Development
  • 2021-07-09
    I was introduced to ONeilOnline via word of mouth at an event some time ago. I hired them to develop a website for both the frontend and backend for my latest business venture. The guys are really easy to talk to, work with, friendly, and know their stuff. Turn around time is really fast, they're fast programmers. No matter how large or small the task, they are up for the challenge. ONeilonline does great work.
    Maks Hansen
  • Great Deals!
  • 2021-07-06
    I found WattaServer from a review I found online. I was shocked at how cheap the servers were and questioned if they were legit. I reached out to support via their live chat to ask a few questions. They answered right away, understood what I was talking about, and were very friendly. I went ahead and purchased a dedicated server, the checkout process was painless, and the server was delivered in a couple of hours, very fast. I was able to login without issue, and began to configure the server, then migrated my data to it. The data was about 15 GB in size and completed within the hour. So far I have no complaints, issues, or concerns. Everything has been stellar.
    Stephen Liu
  • Dedicated server in London
  • 2021-06-18
    I have a dedicated server in London. I am located in Italy. The performance is much better than when I had a server at Hetzner in Germany. Yes, it cost a little more, but the hardware is much faster and the network is really low ping. Other than that I haven't had any hardware issues like bad hard drive. The support is always there when I have a question. Thank you. Bye.
  • Game Servers Galore
  • 2021-06-04
    I have six game servers with Oorah, across the US and in EU. The performance is consistent. I highly recommend them!
  • Best sales and support
  • 2021-05-12
    From the start I spoke with sales and support all the time. Both using their live chat and using the ticket system. They always respond and don't use any technical talk that is confusing or don't know what they are talking about. The portal is simple and very straight forward. I'm able to manage all my service features form the portal. The hosting is always quick and responsive. People who access my sites are always happy with the speed and haven't reported any issues. I would recommend Oneilonline to everyone.
  • Seattle Dedicated
  • 2021-04-30
    Sorry my english is not very good. I have dedicated server in seattle, I am in china. I host in seattle to keep data and website away from big brother, if you know what i mean. The performance is great considering it is so far away from my users. I would recommend others in asia to try them.
  • Web Hosting
  • 2021-04-17
    I have three wordpress websites hosted with ONeilOnline. Their new web hosting platform is great! Easy to use control panel, and the performance is MUCH better than the CPanel hosting they used to do. I hit them up to enable caching for the wordpress and they were able to enable it with no hickup. I'm so glad I found oneilonline and now I have even more reason to stay with them. They are the best hosting!
  • Dedicated Server
  • 2021-04-08
    I am in Korea and have one dedicated server here locally. I use it to host websites for my clients. The websites are always responsive and quick to load, have never experienced any downtime. I highly recommend Wattserver.
    Jimin Lee
  • LA Server
  • 2021-04-07
    I do custom programming and solutions for my business. I only have a dedicated server locally here in Los Angeles. The server is fully customized and any questions, even programming related questions, oneilonline support is very knowledgeable and always there. I trust them, they know what they are talking about. Always a great resource. Thank you.
    Sam Nguyen
  • EU Server
  • 2021-03-15
    I have a dedicated server here in the EU. WattaServer has a massive selection, but from checkout to delivery it was very fast and straight forward. They are a legit provider and I have experienced why they have been around for a long time. They even go above and beyond, not hesitant to check something on my server or be willing to route the network for better performance. I would definitely recommend them.
  • VPS Node
  • 2021-02-13
    I host a 100 VPS node in France for cluster and redundancy for work projects and admin services. The server is very fast and responsive, able to handle multitasking very well. Oneilonline uses very good hardware, have never had anything die on me or loose connectivity. I think I've only reach out to their support on one or two occasions, minor things, I don't even remember what it was for it was so long ago, near the beginning. I am now considering expanding my node into a cluster for more power and use every resource available.
    Sir Blanchet
  • The best prices!
  • 2021-01-25
    Oneilonline has the best prices for all their hosting. Their even cheaper than Amazon Web Services which I used previously. The AWS portal is SO complicated and uses terminology that I am not familiar with, it definitely has a learning curve. The Oneilonline portal and service is very straight forward and simple to use. The performance in comparison to the two is the same, only Oneilonline is much cheaper. More bang for your buck. I made the move and certainly recommend everyone to look into Oneilonline for their hosting needs.
  • Oorah Gaming
  • 2021-01-18
    Oorah Gaming is our sponsor, providing us with 3 dedicated servers, east, central, and west US. The performance of the servers is awesome! We are a very active group with community events, matches, and tournaments, something is always going on weekly. Not once have we experienced any performance issues, like low fps, lag or clipping. We are so grateful to find them and have Oorah choose us. Anyone looking for a dedicated server, they are the provider you want and need. Thank you.
    David Justice
  • Web Design
  • 2020-12-20
    Oneilonline was able to create a one page website for my business in one day. I sent them the images, drew how I wanted the layout to be, and I was expecting more back and forth talk, but the next response from them was the completed website! Shocker! And it looks great! I would recommend any small business to reach out to Oneilonline for any web design. Easy, quick, and cheap!
  • CPanel Migration
  • 2020-12-14
    Our small web development company has finally moved our hosting to dedicated servers primarily because of CPanel's licensing changes in recent months. It is more economical to go dedicated for our custom cpanel setup/config. ONeilOnline was able to complete the migration for us at no additional charge, and just a day to complete. Files, configs, DNS, the entire lot kit and kaboodle. They know what they are doing, quick, efficient, and win win for everyone.
  • Routing Issues
  • 2020-12-05
    We have two dedicated servers in Dallas. For some reason we were suddenly unable to access a repository we pull data from on a daily basis. Oneil Online was able to re-route our servers, actually more directly, to the repository. Now it connects and downloads the data even faster! I didn't even know such a thing was possible. Great work and very knowledgeable.
    Ethan McDonald
  • VPS Hack
  • 2020-11-28
    I discovered this morning that our VPS was hacked. I found a bunch of miscellaneous weird files on the VPS. Reached out to support and they were able to reinstall my VPS and I was able to restore my backups. Their control panel makes things really simple. I was impressed of easy and smooth everything went. Thank you.
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • 2020-11-08
    Earlier this Sunday morning we had a hard drive start giving error codes and read/write permissions issues. It was a secondary drive. Contact support for help and to check on the hard drive. They ran some tests and concluded it was about to die. They were able to swap the hard drive out and mirror the contents within an hour. Glad they responded quickly on a Sunday and the issue was resolved before the workday started tomorrow. A HUGE thank you!
    Elijah Woods
  • Minecraft Server
  • 2020-10-12
    We have a subscription based minecraft server we host with WattaServer. Just wanted to report that we had over 300 people connected without any performance issues or lag. We haven't had a provider until now that has been able to handle that much capacity. Way to go!
    Oliver O
  • Backup Server
  • 2020-09-22
    The joy of having a provider at multiple locations is that we are able to request a backup server, and they setup the entire server at a different location, OS install, config, backup config, and backup test runs. Also since the servers were both within their network the transfer of the 28GB was completed within an hour. I didn't have to do single thing! Great service!
    Clide Evans
  • Game Server Issues
  • 2020-09-17
    Our game server went offline about 10 minutes before we had a clan match. We were freaking out and everyone was looking through the configs to try to find the issue. I reached out to support via ticket and got a response within a minute. It turns out when we changed game maps a config loaded that was corrupt. Oorah was able to identify the issue and correct it for us very quickly. Our clan match started on time without issue after that. Great save in a pinch!
  • The Best Support!
  • 2020-08-20
    Without a doubt OO has the best support. Regardless if it was late at night, on the weekends, I was able to talk to them. And they were either able to talk me through on how to do it, or do it for me. Very knowledgeable about how things work. If you are looking for someone who can help you with everything, look no further.
    Ethan James
  • Dedicated Server
  • 2020-08-12
    Four dedicated servers in the past year and still growing. Watta Server has been my go to for dedicated server deals. Great pricing, great performance, great staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dedicated server.
  • The Best Web Hosting
  • 2020-08-10
    Ordered web hosting via the Watta Web Host brand of ONeil Online. I was skeptical about "unlimited" hosting and previously never have bought into it. But the price was too good to pass up. As typical, when completing ordering the account was instantly created and I was able to login with no issue. Typical CPanel hosting, their server was fast, DNS propagation only took a few minutes (thanks to a 120TTL), and I was able to upload my site without issue. Trouble free web hosting. I'm now tempted to upgrade my package and move my other sites to them as their plans allow multiple sites.
  • SAAS Hosting
  • 2020-08-07
    Our company offers a SAAS platform for realtime monitoring and updates in the bank industry. We chose ONeil Online and their Watta Server brand to host our platform because of their long history and reliable network. We now have 12 servers with them distributed across the US and two in Europe. The two in Europe are staging currently and will be going live in September expanding our platform into a new market, very exciting. The support is always responsive and quick to have answers. We have never had any performance issues, only one hard drive start to fail, but was hot swapped out in minutes, in the over 6 years we've been hosting with them. I only have good things to say.
    Luis P
  • Dedicated Game Server
  • 2020-07-03
    I made the jump and purchased a dedicated server here in LAX. This is my first rodeo in trying to setup a game server for my friends. I spent the past three days asking questions for many providers and Watta Server was always the quickest to respond, they knew everything I was asking. My other concern was getting the server before the 4th of July weekend so I could build over the holiday. I received the server in about 4 hours and with the help of mostly Jason was able to get it setup and config for the game servers. My friends are connecting, everyone reports great connections and low ping/latency. One is in Australia, 3 in EU and the rest scattered across the US. Good performance, great help, I would definitely recommend.
  • VPS Servers
  • 2020-06-24
    I purchased 6 VPS for a project. Most in LA and two in Seattle. Based on speed tests and read/write tests it would be fair to say they do not oversell their server space. And I'm connecting from China the download speeds are fast. I'm impressed and surprised I've never heard of them before. Found them on a local VPS Forum here. Once this project ends I plan on using them again in the future!
    Chi Huang
  • No issues to report
  • 2020-06-10
    I purchased a E3-1230v6, setup was about 4 hours, the server is really fast. Support is always available via ticket or live chat, at least every time I try. And they seam very knowledgeable with my questions. Spoke with Xavier and Jason, seam like good guys, easy to talk to. Never had any issues so I submitted my testimonial.
  • Dedicated Server
  • 2020-05-05
    I ordered a dedicated server and received the login info in about an hour. Had no issue connecting. No issues to report. Performance is good. Would recommend. Sorry English is not the best.
  • Game Servers
  • 2020-05-01
    I just spoke with Jason via Live Chat about Oorah Gaming coming back and I am SOOOOO excited, I've got goosies! The ONeil Online network is the best. I've been gaming online via steam for over 10 years and of all the game server providers out there I get the lowest pings from every location ONeil Online has. I don't have the knowledge of how to run a game server and maintain one, so I trust my game servers with Oorah Gaming, the game server brand of ONeil Online. Previously when they were BIG everyone loved them because they sponsored clans and online communities, and to have such awesome performance, I love them! I look forward to joining back up with them! I can't wait! Hurrry!
  • Game Server
  • 2020-04-24
    I am so glad my gf and I purchased a dedicated game server with watta before this whole covid thing occurred. Now that we are stuck at home we play all day long and have really been able to give it attention loading custom maps and exploring new aspects of the game. Best decision ever!
    Henry Krantz
  • No Issues, Great Performance
  • 2020-03-12
    I bought a bunch of their VPS from different locations to test for database replication. Average sequential write 382.36MiB/s which I was surprised and ran a few times at different times of the day. It's been online for over a month and haven't had any issues to report.
  • Cheap VPS Hosting
  • 2020-02-21
    Purchased a 2GB RAM VPS for backups and web hosting. Since the VPS is local download/upload speeds are great on the 1gbps uplink. Never had any issues, even when I reloaded the os multiple times when I made config errors, and uhmm locked my self out once.
  • Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection
  • 2020-02-05
    I ordered a high end dedicated server with ddos protection, more specifically with the new Xeon E-2176G. I received the server connect info within 24 hours after the order was placed. I had a few questions pre and post sale, one via the live chat the other via ticket, which were answered, the staff seamed very knowledgeable. The server performance is great, no latency issues. Overall a good experience, no issues or complaints.
    Philippi Rivers
  • London Dedicated Server
  • 2020-01-17
    I was skeptical at first purchasing from a provider not based in the UK, but I wanted to go with a provider that had a good footprint globally because my project plans to be worldwide. Prices were also cheap and the reviews looked all good. I was happy see the support all were English based, not out sourced to India or the Philippines like most big providers do these days. Support is quick to respond. I have been very happy with the server and service. I plan to purchase more servers with them.
  • KVM
  • 2020-01-09
    Watta Server KVM VPS is a great buy and price point. The CPU core really is 3.7Ghz and not handicapped or scaled down like other providers. OS reloads are quick, network is quick, no latency. I'm happy with what I got.
    Sokomo M
  • Dedicated Game Server
  • 2019-12-27
    I ordered two E3 dedicated servers with 500GB SSD, one on the east coast, the other on the west coast. I spent most of the first half of my holiday break setting them up and configuring them. Support was always available and quick to reply with every question. Everyone playing on the servers has good ping/latency and no reports of lag or rubber banding. I am happy I went with Watta, the experience has been great.
  • Web Hosting Migration
  • 2019-12-02
    I have about 100 websites that are my customers for my small web design business. I trusted ONeilOnline to migrate all of them to their litespeed web hosting. They completed the migration and configuration for the special accounts within the same day! Great group of guys and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of web hosting. I would definitely recommend for any cpanel litespeed web hosting!
  • ESXi VPS Node @ EU
  • 2019-11-11
    ESXi is sometimes tricky to setup and config to work on some networks. I was very happy to see the "can do" attitude of the support staff, they were able to config my server RAID partitions, IPs and network NAT exactly how I wanted it. They even offered to migrate the VPS and data, but I opted not to ensure privacy and the limited number of eyes on the data. The server has been awesome, glad I made the move and upgrade.
  • Dedicated Server VPS Node
  • 2019-10-16
    I purchased a dedicated server at their Dallas datacenter about a year ago to run as a VPS node. I run a small VPS hosting business so network performance and support response times were the most important requirements. Using their live chat and spoke with Jason, I drilled him hard on technical questions about their network, OS info and VPS config. He answered correctly with everything, I was impressed he even went into details that I was unfamiliar with. The purchase was straightforward and quick. In the year I haven't had any network or performance issues, and every time I've reached out to them the support was quick and painless. I have no grips or issues to report. My impression is they're solid.
  • Web Hosting with Excellent Support
  • 2019-10-15
    I am a small business owner located here in North Bend, WA. I found ONeil Online with a google search. Their online service prices look reasonable so I decided to have a chat using their live chat, I spoke with Jason. I told him how I was interested in getting a website for my business but had no idea about anything in how to do this. He explained what was needed, the domain, web hosting, then to build the website. He explained everything really well, and talked me through the process of purchasing their cheapest web hosting plan to get me started. He then setup wordpress but after a full day of me fiddling with it I sought help. It was too much to learn and I found it overwhelming. This time I reached out using their ticket system. I explained what I wanted, and how I wanted it to look. After working out the details, I was surprised to refresh my domain later that day to find a website! The basics were all there and my contact info was there. Their staff build the website for me! I was so surprised! I have since tinkered with it more and now have a better understanding how things work in wordpress. It's actually much easier than I thought. I felt compelled to write this review because other than the hosting service and domain purchase I haven't payed for anything else! They did the initial build of my website for free! I have everything online in a few days, less than a week! ONeil Online clearly went above and beyond, I didn't expect them to do all that. The staff was extremely helpful. I would recommend any one new to web stuff to give them a go. Thank you for everything, I hope this does you well!
    Charles Manning
  • Frat House Game Server
  • 2019-09-17
    This past month I moved our frat house game server to WattaServer. We were looking for an upgrade and with watta server prices it was too good to pass up. We host 6 game servers, all FPS to we needed high CPU, lots of RAM and an SSD to run the games from and a HDD for backups. We managed to score an E3 at the $65 mark. Thanks to my awesome skill set the migration was a bit rough, but over a month now and we are so glad we made the move! The server has performed awesome, even when at full capacity. They definitely get my recommendation.
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • 2019-09-04
    I recently went with WattaServer to move my CPanel server in an effort to cut costs from the CPanel rate hike. I put their support staff to the test with their free migration. I have almost 300 cpanel accounts that needed migration to the new server, many with custom configs. I was impressed when I received an email notification 24 hours later that the migration was complete and what the next steps were, to update my registrar DNS with the new server IPs. I've been spot checking the accounts for over a week now to make sure everything is correct and working, I have yet to find any issues. I am in disbelief that it went so smoothly and quick. I felt compelled to share my experience.
    Freddy Alvarez
  • Excellent support for web hosting
  • 2019-08-08
    I'm a stay at home mom and recently started my own business form home. I have no idea how to start building a website, or even what is needed. I spoke with ONeilOnline sales and support. At first to discuss what I needed to get a website online, the sales talked me through everything and even pointed me to some online tutorials so I can learn "best online practices" for starting a business online. Then when I had a plan of what I wanted online, the support helped me with everything, configuration of my cpanel, and started me with web design. I've been talking with them multiple times a day, and a week into this my website is already online and looking great! I am so glad I found ONeilOnline and grateful for all their help. I couldn't have done it without them, and without costing me a fortune. Quality all around. The best.
  • 2019-07-24
    Just purchased 3 KVMs from their special posted. Ordering was quick and simple, as soon as I completed payment I received the login info and was able to access the KVMs. Ran a battery of network and hard drive tests, download speeds were just under 1Gbps and IO was really high, definitely what they advertise. Will update this if any issues come up.
    Jason H
  • I created an ordering debacle!
  • 2019-07-06
    I originally purchased a VPS at their Seattle location but then quickly made a change in plans to consolidate more of my servers into one, so the VPS would be way too small. I pinged their sales/support to purchase a dedicated E3 server. They were able to quickly terminate and credit the VPS order so I could apply that credit towards the dedicated server, so no money lost, which was awesome! I got the dedicated server in just over 30 minutes! The entire mixup/order/credit process was about an hour. Great all around experience.
    Alexander H
  • Dream Server
  • 2019-07-02
    My project for this fourth of July weekend will be setting up my Dual Xeon E5-2620v2 with 256GB RAM and 2x 960 GB SM863a SSD. I shelled out the big bucks to make the jump to this server as over the years I have continued to out grow my previous servers. ONeilOnline is the only store that has this CPU available with the specs I wanted = speed. It is blazing fast! The hardware and network is all top notch. I'm lovin it!
  • Dedicated Game Server
  • 2019-06-30
    I purchased a game server, or should I say a dedicated server to run a game server, from wattaserver about 2 months ago. It is a E3-1270v2 with 16GB RAM and 2TB HD in Seattle. I have players connecting from Australia, Hong Kong, and within the US from Dallas to Boston, and no one has reported any lag or performance issues when full. The server has 3 game servers running on it, each with 20 slots. I am 100% happy with my decision and write this testimonial so others can learn this gem called wattaserver.
  • VPS Node
  • 2019-06-06
    I chat online before purchasing with Xavier who proved to be very knowledgeable about the different VPS technologies. Helped me pick out the specs best suited for my first VPS node. I received the login info about 2 hours after I completed payment. Haven't had any issues or complaints since I ordered and completed setup of my server.
  • Superfast
  • 2019-05-31
    Purchased the special 5420 server offered at the Seattle datacenter. Was initially skeptical because of the dirty cheap price. Delivery was within an hour. I ran the regular battery of tests on the hardware and network. The HD was only 1 week old. The network was 3.6 seconds on the download for the 1GB test file. Haven't had any issues.
  • 2 Dedicated Servers
  • 2019-05-16
    I was able to purchase 2 dedicated servers for the price of one elsewhere, I couldn't pass up a deal. I thought the support, network, hardware would be questionable, but haven't had any issues yet *knock on wood* and I've had these online for about 8 months now. Best bang for my buck, I guess that's how they've stayed in business for so long. Hooray for me!
  • Testimonial
  • 2019-05-11
    I have about 16 vps with WattaServer. Never had any issues. I love the control panel allows for reinstalling the OS. I reinstall often for testing different things. The support has been great especially Xavier. Answers all my questions and gives great recommendations. Thats my testimonial.
  • Genuine
  • 2019-04-20
    Just wanted to post any one can post a testimonial from their account area. No incentive, no discount. You could write anything you want. I'm sure it's censored though for corrections, spam, trolling, or anything someone says bad. Not that I have or anyone has something to say bad about their service. I've never had any issues. I've been a happy camper. Been with them for well over a year, has to be. Thanks!
  • Cpanel Server
  • 2019-03-13
    I host about 20 sites on a dedicated server and have two VPS for DNS and proxy. Has always been stable. Good ping and latency. Would recommend.
  • Git Going
  • 2019-03-12
    We have a small 5420 dedi server with about 120 connecting in on any given work day for our Git Repo. Never had any issues, never contacted support.
  • One Year Review
  • 2019-02-08
    I purchased my one server a year ago to the day. I host two game servers, a voice server, and two websites on the one E3 server. All for my friends and I gaming clan and community. The server is based in LA, and we have people connect all over the world, but the most popular locations are Australia, Panama, then the US. Yes, most of us are in the US, but no one has ever experienced any lag or choppy game play. Of course not including the hackers and cheats who whine and cry about every damn thing, but they get kicked and banned ;) Not including reasons we made the server crash for a bad config or bad update, the server has never had any issues large or small. Hardware or network performance has never had a hiccup. I've never had to reach out to support because the service hasn't had any issue. We're all happy!
  • Dedicated Server Whoas
  • 2019-01-21
    Its a holiday here in the US, and decided to update my OS and game servers on my dedicated server, resulting in crashing the server multiple times. I spent hours, a good part of the morning, troubleshooting and discussing with support. They were a great asset and surprisingly knowledgeable about my setup/config. The support was there even though I wasn't at work today.
  • VPS for DNS and Hosting
  • 2019-01-11
    I had all kinds of problems with configuring my VPS, one for DNS and the other for my web hosting. The Control Panel enabled me to reload the OS repeatedly, it was a great life saver. Support was always there and quick to answer my questions. All good now.
    Dan Fast
  • VPS Bulk
  • 2019-01-08
    I just purchased 50 VPS in bulk for a cluster project I'm working on. 10 VPS each in different datacenters. Just wanted to share that per datacenter, every VPS performs equally. The IO, network, latency as all consistent. Prior to this bulk purchase I purchased only one to test with because I had my doubts, but I am impressed now.
  • Black Friday Deal
  • 2018-12-06
    I purchased one dedicated server from their black friday deal offer with the intention of only keeping it for a month. I expected the network and hardware to be crap justifying the low balled price. Now I'm here renewing the server! The network is excellent, and the hardware doesn't have many hours on it. The E3 with 32GB is a price I can't let go. They've got me hooked! LOL I look forward to purchasing more! Thank you.
    Jeff K
  • Great Resource
  • 2018-12-05
    I am the head of the IT dept here for a local town. We recently went with ONeilOnline to migrate our servers to their datacenter for security and calamity prevention. From our initial meeting to the final product, which we will go live come the new year, ONeilOnline staff has the knowledge and experience, they know what they are doing. All the data, performance and testing has been green lit, and as you can see, completed well before our deadline for the new year. All our staff here can only say good things. We look forward to working with them well into the future.
  • Watta Great Deal!
  • 2018-11-08
    Wattaservers has the deals! I recently purchased one of their discounted servers, I ran a network test, hard drive test, and the results were excellent! I was totally surprised by the quality of the network and hardware. Nothing like WSI/Nocix/Datashack junk that they sell. I will start moving all my servers to them.
  • Dedicated Awesome
  • 2018-10-08
    I now have 3 servers with them. Started hosting with them just over 5 years ago, found via a google search. Support is always spot on and quick. I have only good things to say. Would recommend.
  • We are confident with ONeilOnline behind us.
  • 2018-10-04
    We are a web design company located in Florida, with most of our clients in Florida and Georgia. OneilOnline completed our migration of 1323 cpanel accounts to two new servers, one in Miami and one in Orlando, in 24 hours. No issues, no crisis, no excuses, no downtime. This included custom configs for almost half of them. I am very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and efficiency. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.
  • Great Server
  • 2018-09-24
    We are a web development company located in LA. We have an E5 for our web hosting. We've been with them for over 5 years. No issues to report, no downtime, great support.
    Noah Carter
  • SaaS Hosting
  • 2018-09-05
    I have developed a SaaS program over the years and have scaled up with oneil online. Started with web hosting, then VPS, and now a mix environment with VPS and dedicated servers. My program is running out of 12 of their datacenters located around the world. They have helped me every step of the way. I don't think I would have been this successful without someone like them to help. They are a great asset. Thank you.
  • Seattle Dedicated Server
  • 2018-08-15
    I have had an E5 at their Seattle datacenter for over 3 years. Today the server wouldn't boot. Contacted support, they troubleshooted, and figured out it was the motherboard. They swapped the HDs into a new server, and I was good to go again. All completed in less than an hour!
  • Quality Hosting
  • 2018-07-21
    I an a reseller and offer web hosting and VPS sales. I have servers in the US, EU, and Asia. ONeilOnline is great support response time. The servers are always performing well, no issues to report, no downtime. This is my 5 year mark.
  • Great Experience
  • 2018-07-10
    I had a ton of questions prior to purchasing. They took the time to answer every one. Checkout process had no issues and the server was released within 2 hours to me. I ran network and hardware tests, it performed great, real fast ping and latency. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.
    Mike W.
  • VPS Node
  • 2018-07-09
    We have a VPS Node that had two hard drives die on the RAID 10 array. They were swapped out in under 20 minutes. Support is quick!
  • Holiday Support
  • 2018-07-06
    Our game server was repeatedly crashing at 11pmish on the night of the Fourth of July. I dind't think anyone would respond via their live chat at this hour. Surprised! The tech was able to login to our server and troubleshoot and figure out it was a bad config file for our game server. I couldn't find it, a needle in the haystack. His knowledge of our game server and how things worked was impressive. Just wanted to share that when in a pinch, they were there!
    Greateful Customer
  • Awesome People
  • 2018-06-18
    I just wanted to say the support at Watta Server is awesome! They are always there and ready to help. Very friendly. Thanks for the help with everything!
    Alex K
  • Quality Servers & Quality Network
  • 2018-06-12
    We are a major gaming community serving over 5000 online gamers in any given night. We have servers all over the US and EU. ONeilOnline Watta Servers are consistent quality and service throughout all their locations. Their staff is very knowledgeable and always available to help. I feel our company is safe and taken care of and worry free. I would recommend everyone looking for servers to give them a shot.
  • VPS Network Speed
  • 2018-06-01
    Three VPS I ordered out of the Seattle data center I clustered into a backup node. The upload and download speeds are ridiculously fast. I am impressed with the performance and price I paid for them.
  • Always there support.
  • 2018-05-25
    Always there support is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of ONeilOnline. I am often considered a night owl and am often up late at night into the early mornings. Every time I contact the support, even if it is in the middle of the night, I get a response within minutes. I'm not sure where they are based or if the support is only based at that location, but their support works. I appreciate their attentiveness to details and seam to always be looking out for my best interests. With every question I ask they always get the big picture, what I want, and what I may want. I hope that makes sense, without going into details. ONeilOnline support is the best!
    Evan Hands
  • Quality Servers
  • 2018-05-10
    I am now 3 servers deep into ONeil Online. All E5 hosted in the EU. I run a custom SaaS I originally developed and turned into a full time company over the years. My first server was with ONeil Online over 3 years ago, and have just purchased more servers as the business and customer base has grown. I have experienced no issues with the server or issues with the network performance. Overall it has been a great experience over the years.
    Kristoffer Klaus
  • Game Server Hosting
  • 2018-04-04
    I run an online gaming community subscription service. Server uptime, performance, ping, latency is upmost important to sustaining my business model. I now have 6 dedicated Watta Servers with ONeilOnline located across the US. The server specs are almost all identical. The performance of the servers is also almost identical and consistent from location to location. I am impressed and appreciate the quality they provide.
    Victor for Victory
  • Best support!
  • 2018-03-19
    I am starting a new online service business. I ordered a dedicated server so I can integrate and automate a lot of the service features. The support at Watta Server is very knowledgeable and well rehearsed in best practices. They did most of the custom config for me, but was willing show me how to do a lot too. I appreciate all the help I've received, especially from their tech Xavier, he stepped up above and beyond. I would recommend anyone interested to go with Watta Server for their quality product and excellent support.
  • London Dedicated Server
  • 2018-03-14
    I run an ecommerce site for my brick and mortar business here in town. Our online marketing has been so successful we have found the need to upgrade to a dedicated server. Our web hosting was previously with GoDaddy, which was atrocious. Now we host this linux server and everything runs really fast, and knowing our data is not on the same server will a 1000 others is comforting. All of our web portals and channels are fast and we can customize whatever we want without the restrictions of cpanel or wordpress. We have been completely satisfied with ONeil Online and our Watta Server. No downtime, no connectivity issues, it has always been fast. Been up and running for over a year.
    Thomas S
  • Web hosting server in Chicago
  • 2018-02-28
    A month ago I ordered a dedicated server with hardware RAID and cpanel for our growing web design firm here in Chicago. We have clients mostly within a 200 mile radius of Chicago so network speed shouldn't be an issue. Some of the web sites we host are database driven for inventory management, well above what wordpress can handle. The server performs excellent. The big scripts we run are fast with no hiccups. The few support questions we had were quick and they completed the config changes for us, which was great. I've been completely happy and would recommend them.
    Alex K.
  • Seattle Dedicated Server
  • 2018-02-07
    I ordered the dual 5420 at the Seattle datacenter. Their ad stated it as their cheapest dedicated server. I was skeptical on how it would perform. I received the logon info about 45 minutes after I completed payment. I quickly loaded my favorite game server and was excited to connect. The server was AWESOME. All my friends report pings below 25, no lag or rubberbanding, maps loads are quick. It is by far the best server deal! Completely happy, and if this is that good, I may upgrade really soon! LOL
  • VPS Servers Los Angeles and Seattle
  • 2018-02-06
    I ordered 3 VPS in Los Angeles and 3 VPS in Seattle. As stated all were instantly activated and I received the logon info right away. They all had about the same excellent connectivity performance to Hong Kong. I will be adding ONeil Online to my list of providers for my business. Thank you
  • Dallas Dedicated Server
  • 2018-01-19
    Like the previous testimonial, I too purchased a dedicated server at the Dallas datacenter. I received the server in about an hour after purchase built exactly to the specs and partitioning I wanted. I quickly ran benchmarks on the hardware and network connection. It performed awesome, hard drives were relatively new and the ping, latency are the best I have seen in a long time compared to other providers closer to me. I am 100% happy with my purchase, you should be too.
  • 100TB Bandwidth Server
  • 2018-01-02
    I recently purchased their 100TB bandwidth server special out of their Dallas data center. The build was within 12 hours and the server was released to me with the partition layout I requested. All communication has been quick and responsive, and their staff is very knowledgeable. Having never heard of them before, I was hesitant to purchase, but now my only regret is that I didn't purchase more servers before the sale ended! I am looking for 5 total. I look forward to more!
  • Web Development
  • 2017-12-28
    We hired ONeilOnline to develop a new ecommerce site front end, an internal admin back end, and integrate everything with our payment processor. Our time frame was to get this all done before the new year, just over 2 month total development time. From our initial meeting to the launch on the 20th of this month, they have been the best to work with. Starting with only images and sketches, they have been excellent in communicating any questions or potential issues they came across during the build. Always easy to get a hold of, friendly, and looking out for our best interests. If you ever have a project, small or big, ONeilOnline is one you want to talk with. They can do anything!
  • Dedicated Game Server
  • 2017-12-26
    I ordered a dedicated server from their Christmas Sale. This is my first dedicated game server build so I had alot of questions before and after my order. The staff took care of me, they know a lot about game server hosting, and got my server config exactly how I wanted it. I really appreciated they took the time to answer all my annoying questions from a newbie like me. The performance and latency of the server is excellent!
  • Dedicated Server
  • 2017-12-12
    Purchased an E3-1270v5 with Hardware RAID at a sweet deal! Build time was about 6 hours from the time I placed the order. The built in RAID caching makes this server blazing fast! Fast support, great staff, awesome prices....Watta Server!
    Christmas Jones
  • Cyber Monday
  • 2017-11-27
    I purchased 10 VPS servers at multiple locations with their cyber monday deal. All instantly activated and perform as expected. All have excellent network performance and hard drive performance. Just wanted to report my success.
  • Black Friday Deal Purchased
  • 2017-11-25
    I purchased both a VPS and a dedicated server. The VPS was activated instantly. The dedicated server was activated in just over an hour. I still have the two dedicated servers I purchased last year from Black Friday, which were activated in under two hours. I trust their services with my data.
    John Walker
  • Black Friday Black Friday Black Friday
  • 2017-11-24
    Their Black Friday Deals are better than their Cyber Monday Deals, consistently for the past 5 years, since I started hosting with Watta. Their Christmas/New Years deals are sometimes hot/cold. The prices, the support, the network performance have always been the best I have found. Other providers are typically lacking in one of the three. Like their ads state, I always feel like they are looking out for me and my interests. They don't try to push you to upgrade unless you really need to based on your needs or resources. They never over charge you, or play hard ball with the pricing quotes. Their support is always quick to respond and they are always willing to do things for you, no matter how small or large the task. I have never had any hardware issues in the many years I have hosted with them. Network performance is consistent from location to location, no lag or latency issues. If you haven't heard of ONeil Online and Watta Server, you should. You would be a fool to not give them a try.
  • Black Friday Dedicated Server
  • 2017-11-24
    I purchased a dual 480GB SSD E3-1220v5 out of LA at 50% off. Surprisingly the custom build took less than 12 hours from purchase to activation. Their LA datacenter has the best ping, I'm consistently under 10ms. Hosting a game server for my online community.
    Johnson Jones
  • 72 hours after activation
  • 2017-11-14
    And I've maxed out my Black Friday VPS! I inquired about upgrading and they allowed me to upgrade and retain my discount! They made my Black Friday Deal even sweeter! The staff is very friendly and reliably awesome!
  • The WattaServer staff is awesome!
  • 2017-11-12
    I inquired with the staff 4 hours after the black friday deal was over. They honored the discount with my new purchase. You guys are awesome, thank you so much!
  • Go for it!
  • 2017-11-11
    I save up all year for these deals that come through on the holidays. 11/11 is the Chinese black friday. I can't wait to see what deals they have on the US black friday! This is the third holiday season I've purchased in a row, and I'm impressed they don't run out of stock during this time. They must have a lot of hardware in stock and staff capable of quick builds and deploys. More people should jump on these deals! Or more for me! Thanks!
  • Yet another Black Friday purchase
  • 2017-11-11
    I have gone nuts with these black friday deals. I think I bought more than I can make use of, I'm thinking of reselling them. The performance is legit. Would recommend to anyone looking for cheap price with quality specs and service. Their support is 100% spot on.
    Warren Hanz
  • Black Friday VPS
  • 2017-11-11
    Came across the crazy black friday discount. Usually you get what you pay for. This was a winner. The specs were 75% discounted. Ticket response time was within a minute, I got the impression the service and support was the same regardless of what the service was. They assisted me with everything as they say on their website.
    Adil Huang
  • Dedicated in Dallas
  • 2017-11-02
    Purchased a Dallas dedicated server from one of their specials posted on WHT. My pre sales questions were answered in full and quick via ticket. The purchase process was also easy and quick. Server was active within 2 hours. Performance tests and benchmarks were all excellent for an E3-1270 with just a 1 TB HD. 100MB download was less than 4 seconds all the way to China. Would recommend.
    An Cheng
  • Bring on the Black Friday Deals!
  • 2017-10-26
    I know the prices are already "rock bottom", but I want more! The performance and price are awesome here, I look forward to buying more when those Black Friday Deals arrive! Yes, they are the best!
    Can't Wait
  • Game Server
  • 2017-10-14
    I manage a large Minecraft community with twitch streaming. 3 Dedicated servers, Dallas, LA, and New York, everyone who plays reports excellent ping and latency. No network issues or hardware issues to report. Any customization I need assistance with, their support has been quick and knowledgeable on the subject. I highly recommend, you can't go wrong.
    Your Typical Gamer
  • VPS Hosting
  • 2017-10-12
    I have 12 OpenVZ VPS at Wattaserver spread over each of their large datacenters. It has been 6 months and I have yet to experience any downtime or network issues. The performance of the VPS has been excellent. I inquired about KVM and they told me "it was in the works for next month". I look forward to buying more VPS!
  • Web Development
  • 2017-09-27
    We had ONeil Online develop our corporate website, retail site, and intranet site on time and within budget. Their development staff is easy to talk to and very intelligent. They get the big picture from the beginning and were able to recommend and incorporate features we would definitely need. Our new retail site is SEO optimized and at the top of searches for a our product every time. Even though we made many changes through out the process, ONeil Online was able to keep up with us and still finished with a gold star! If you are looking for a web developer ONeil Online is what you want to look into.
    Private Company
  • VPS hosting VPN
  • 2017-09-21
    I have 6 VPS with Mr. ONeil for by budding VPN service. All my customers report excellent network connectivity and speed. I can count on them for my secure network and performance. Being spread across the US and EU my next purchase will be in Asia. They have been consistently good performers.
  • Web Hosting Talk Reviews (WHT)
  • 2017-09-04
    I found WattaServer on an offer ad in WHT. I had never heard of them and thought their prices were incredible. Doing a quick search on WHT I found numerous threads/reviews about other customer experiences, all of which were not good, at least based on the titles of the threads. But once I read through them, they actually turned out be trolls, or people trying to entice or defame WattaServer. The WattaServer user handled the comments and criticism professionally, and even other users chimed in siding with WattaServer. So the threads/reviews ended up being positive. I don't know if it was a disgruntled former customer, or just another company trying to defame WattaServer. I wanted to post here because someone may see these reviews on WHT and think badly of WattaServer. I tried to post this on WHT but it was immediately removed, I'm not sure why. WHT is bias anyways being owned by LiquidWeb, another hosting company. I also find it odd that the ONLY questionable reviews/comments I found about WattaServer were ONLY on WHT. I have been a customer with WattaServer for over a year and have never had any issue with the staff or network issues with my hosting, and for the price they offer, it is a GREAT deal. Everyone looking for a vps or dedicated server should look into WattaServer. You can't believe everything you read online, but I see and have experienced more good.
  • Game Server Hosting
  • 2017-08-17
    I have a game server hosted in London. The performance coverage in the eu is awesome! Game config questions I inquired with watta staff was quick and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone looking for game server hosting to go with wattaserver.com
  • Testimonials
  • 2017-08-15
    I was curious how genuine these testimonials were. As a customer you can create a testimonial, and as many as you want, anytime from within your account. I never heard or seen a hosting provider have so many testimonials, so I inquired via live chat if ONeilOnline paid people, gave discounts, or promotions for submitting testimonials. The person I chatted with said they have NEVER given any promotion, discount, or payments for customers who submitted testimonials. They're testimonials were 100% customer driven. Of course, they are reviewed and grammar corrected before becoming live. I am impressed, and was motivated to pass this on via my testimonial. ONeilOnline has the friendliest and easiest staff to talk to. With that many happy customer testimonials it's understandable how and why they have been around for so long.
  • London, Frankfurt & Moscow
  • 2017-08-09
    I have a dedicated server at each of these sites. The latency is excellent and none of my 300+ customers have never complained of connectivity issues or performance issues. I chose them because of their multiple locations. You can't find a provider that's been around 20+ years and has such coverage. They are a great find!
  • ONeilOnline is the best provider I have been with.
  • 2017-07-17
    Having been a network administrator for over 25 years, I can attest that ONeilOnline is legit in what they claim to be. The staff is very knowledgeable, always available, and their network has proven to be 100% uptime. I have been with them for 2 years and have yet to experience any downtime. I monitor with Pingdom for that entire time. I would encourage everyone to look into them.
    Paul W
  • Network Performance
  • 2017-06-27
    I host game servers at multiple locations with WattaServer / ONeilOnline in LA, Dallas, Chicago, Lenoir, London, and Frankfurt. All my gamers report the best pings they have ever seen, often below 10ms. LA to Australia 120-150ms. For this reason alone is why I have hosted all my servers with them. I haven't found another provider with a better network. Genuine guaranteed performance.
  • EU Hosting
  • 2017-06-22
    I have a few servers in London and Frankfurt for IPTV Hosting and VPN hosting. The support and performance have been excellent. No issues to report, looking to expand now.
    Andrei S
  • Hosting for VPN and SEO
  • 2017-06-20
    Two servers in Seattle and LA. Best performance and support. I recommend them. Sorry my english not so good, I would say more good.
    Xue Y.
  • VPS and Cpanel Hosting
  • 2017-06-10
    I have two servers, one in Chicago and another in Dallas. One a VPS node and the other a CPanel Server for web hosting. Watta Server installed cpanel for me and solusvm for me. Setup and config without any issues. Now I'm looking for setup the same config in Europe. The staff is excellent and very professional, very knowledgeable about everything, they know how to host, definitely a hosting company, probably why they have been around for so long.
  • Uptime and Performance
  • 2017-05-18
    Officially one year now and I haven't had a single minute of downtime or network performance issues. I monitor all my critical services with pingdom professional to confirm uptime. No issues to report, no tickets submitted, no performance issues.
  • Xen Hosting
  • 2017-05-10
    I have a Xen Server hosted with Watta Server in LA. 6 months in an I haven't had any issues with the node. I am looking for another E5 server in Dallas. With all their datacenters, I look to expand at all their locations. All my customers love the performance. I wish I found them sooner!
  • Great Support!
  • 2017-04-19
    I attempted to migrate my cpanel server to oneilonline. Through the entire process I needed help and between the live chats and tickets Jason, Xavier, and Thomas they all got be through it. I commend them for being so patient and understanding with me, I was pulling out my hair. Wow what an experience! I didn't know that oneilonline offered free migration, I didn't realize this until afterwards, I should have gone with that from the beginning and saved me the hair loss. Thanks again!
    John D.
  • IPTV Hosting
  • 2017-03-24
    I ordered a E5 dedicated server out of Paris for hosting IPTV. I was hesitant because it's always difficult to determine network performance. It's been 3 months now and the performance and uptime has been excellent. If this keeps up in a few more months I will be ordering another.
  • GMod Hosting
  • 2017-03-21
    My friend and I each have a dedicated gmod game server hosted at watta server. E3 with SSD and their performance rocks! Map changes load fast, no lag, REALLY low ping <10-24 during peak hours. I would recommend them to anyone interesting game server hosting.
    Mr. GMod
  • VPS Hosting
  • 2017-03-10
    I have a number of VPS hosted with watta server. The performance of their SSD hard drives for the nodes is top of the line. Excellent read/write times. No over selling or overloading of their nodes. A quality VPS provider everyone should be interested.
  • Dedicated Server Reseller
  • 2017-03-08
    I have my website integrated with the ONeilOnline inventory through their dedicated server reseller portal. It makes selling their services SO incredibly easy! The only thing I had to do was design my own website and paste their code into my site, presto! I was up and selling. Of course my customers are mine, and I run my own support portal. But when I reach out to ONeil support for up steam issues, they understand the critical nature, and are always quick to help and to resolve the issue. Their reseller program is all around great! Anyone interested in reselling hosting services should give them a go. Highly recommended.
  • "We can do it for you"
  • 2017-03-02
    Came across Watta Server from a google search from the ONeil Online website. The website stated "We can do it for you", and was very skeptical about that would mean or cover. I figured if they can help or do it for me, it can't hurt, right? The service from ONeil Online is INCREDIBLE. Always there for support, always helpful, always friendly. And they know what they are talking about, the knowledge depth is there. For example, technical programing and config questions, they had answers that worked the first time, no trial and error here. You can trust them to get the job done, a provider like no other. A great find.
  • VPS Node
  • 2017-02-24
    I currently have one VPS node with Watta Server. Had a number of upgrades on hardware so the server was a custom build and pricing. Their sales guy Jason talk through all the options for me, especially highlighting specs and performance. His knowledge of hardware was incredible. Post service activation, Jason also helped me with config and questions. Was always helpful and friendly. I'm about to order 2 more servers, in different geographic regions. I made the right choice in provider.
    VPS Hosting
  • Game Server Hosting @ WattaServer
  • 2017-01-15
    I have had 3 dedicated servers at wattaserver now for 6 months. All the guys who play with me online, from all over the world, have always complimented how great their ping is for the server. No lag, rubber banding, or network issues. And download times are fast for really large files. Very impressive. I have already recommended wattaserver to 4 people who have inquired. I have nothing bad to say or report.
  • No issues to report
  • 2017-01-12
    I have two dedicated servers with wattaserver. I received one server an hour after the order was placed, and received the second within 6 hours. Network and server performance has been great. Never any downtime, connectivity, or network issues.
  • Excellent VPS Hosting
  • 2016-12-08
    I have had 20 VPS hosted with Watta Server now for a year. Never had any issues or downtime. I would recommend them to anyone.
    VPS User
  • 100% Uptime and Service
  • 2016-11-22
    I have a dedicated server with watta server and have never experienced any issues with them. Since I purchased the server 3 years ago, I have yet to open a support ticket with them. The best uptime and service!
    Another Happy Customer
  • The best server hosting company!
  • 2016-11-14
    We have been a dedicated server reseller of ONeilOnline and their brand WattaServer for over a year now. Their custom portal makes it really easy to automatically updating my website server listings. All their services can be white labeled so we can put our rubber stamp on everything which works out great. Their staff is always available and quick to respond whenever I have an issue or question. Anyone interested in reselling dedicated servers should check them out.
  • ONeil Online does more than server hosting.
  • 2016-11-01
    We were looking for a local IT company to step in and handle our network issues on a contract basis. I found ONeilOnline from one of their billboard advertisements. Our introductory meeting was very interesting and I walked away very impressed. Not only do they do IT and hosting but go above and beyond also doing network administration and developing websites custom tailored to your wants and needs. They are a full service hosting company. Our company has been very happy working with their staff and their service. I would recommend them to any company, large or small.
  • The Best Support Team
  • 2016-10-20
    Hello, James here. I'm a small business owner hosting online services. I was initially skeptical signing on with Watta Server because of my complicated config and migration, but the price and what they offered I couldn't resist. My setup is completely custom so the migration had to be without issue so my customers experienced minimal downtime. I had a lot of questions to begin with, trying to feel out if they could pull off my migration. I started the conversation over live chat, which then moved to their ticket system. By the end of our discussion they convinced me that the entire migration could be completed with no downtime, as simple "like switching a light switch". So I jumped on board! We set a day and time and I left it to them, I just monitored via my portals. After all was said and done, EVERYTHING migrated with zero issues. My customers couldn't even tell any change occurred! I waited a month before posting this review to make sure there were no latent issues I would later find out about. But there has been nothing to report. Since the migration I haven't even had to contact their support! I thank the support staff who worked with me: Thomas, Jason, Xavier, and Alex. All whom were very knowledgeable and my network angels. Great work! Great Staff! Great company!
    James Levy
  • Dedicated Servers & VPS
  • 2016-09-12
    I am the CTO for a popular online store with 1+ million hits a day. I have 3 dedis and two VPS with WattaServer. The dedis are west coast US, east coast US, and Frankfurt. The VPS are Seattle and Chicago. ONeilOnline setup our VLAN and a high availability proxy for our front end and backend websites and database. Their tier 1 tech Alex was assigned with our account for dedicated support 24/7. Every question or request Alex was the best, always replied within minutes, always knowledgeable and friendly. We have never experienced any downtime or service issues. I would recommend ONeilOnline to anyone looking for a solid hosting company to put their data in the cloud.
    Mark C
  • Great Service
  • 2016-09-09
    I have 24 VPS total, 12 of those are with WattaServer/ONeilOnline. Been with them for a year now. Uptime has been 100%, network performance is always fast, I've never had any issues. And the prices are crazy cheap!
  • Web Development
  • 2016-08-12
    I hired ONeilOnline to create a simple 5 page website for our walkin retail store. Initially spoke over the phone, then most of the contact was through their project portal. They had a demo online within 24 hours. Spoke about tweaks I wanted, and had the finished website launched 24 hours after that. Crazy to think 48 hours prior we didn't have anything! Not only were they fast, but the quality of work is exceptional. Customers love it, and that's a gold star in my book.
  • The Best Game Server Provider
  • 2016-08-11
    What I love about Oorah is their support for beta or experimental branches. I am a big gamer and play alot games from month to month. I have requested 3 times now for a beta branch to be available and oorah has always delivered. They create a custom link within tcadmin so I can choose which branch of the game I want to play, so I can change it anytime I want. This is awesome because I don't have to go through them to change game branches. As soon as the game version is loaded I'm off and running. Oorah makes an effort to make me happy unlike many of the other game server providers out there. And I appreciate that 110%.
  • Bite the bullet
  • 2016-08-08
    I've been hosting servers around the world for 3 years now, and never heard of Watta Server. I loved their prices, was too good to pass up. So I bit the bullet and bought 3 servers from them over a year ago, at 3 different data centers. One in the EU, US West, US East. The build times varied, the US ones came online within 4 hours, the EU server took almost 24 hours. I think that was because of the time difference. I haven't experienced any issues and have yet to have reason to contact their support. The servers all perform awesome and have the lowest pings. I look forward to ordering more servers with them when my next batch is required.
  • Quick build time, great performance
  • 2016-07-18
    I ordered a server at 9am sharp and had the Welcome Email just before noon with the IP and logon info. I was able to get my game server node up and running in 2 hours. That was 4+ month ago and haven't had any performance issues to date. Great service and great performance.
    James Longfellow
  • Jason is Awesome!!!
  • 2016-07-15
    So I couldn't get a hold of anybody to help with my password info so I contacted live chat and Jason answered well he was amazing! He helped me instantly within 3 minutes password was recovered and emails were changed! (Chat ID: 16346403w) HE is fantastic! i just wanted to let you guys know how great he was and becuase he helped me i am saved as a customer <3
  • Ark @ OorahGaming
  • 2016-07-10
    Oorah Gaming is the best game hosting provider! We have been through our fair share of game hosting providers. My husband and I purchased an Ark game server about 2 weeks ago and have never had any issues with the server. When we reached out to their support staff via ticket for config questions, their response was quick and friendly. Overall great experience! I recommend them to you!
  • Insurgency @ Dallas
  • 2016-06-27
    This is my 4 month review, my first review was back on 2/27. My initial review was about the setup, this review will cover my experience since then. And I am glad to say I haven't had ANY issues in the past 4 months! I have NEVER gone to their support page! I've only had to logon to my account to pay my bill :) This is a clan server so it is full nightly and no one had had any issues with lag or high ping. Excellent service!
    Dan Phelps
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • 2016-06-21
    This is my second review of Oorah Gaming and my experience with my Ark game server hosted with them. It's been exactly a week since I started my service and I have been more than happy with the performance of my game server. I have a total of 10 mods now running on the game server, and have yet to experience any lag, rubberbanding, or high ping even. I REALLY appreciate their one click link to install mods which saved me a TON of time and headaches. I also have yet to reach out to Oorah support! Yes, the experience has been that good! Typically I am pretty critical of game hosting providers because there are a lot of crappy ones out there. But surprisingly, I don't have much to say about Oorah Gaming because it has been so good! I would highly recommend them!
    Jim T
  • Unturned Game Server
  • 2016-06-18
    I have an Unturned game server in Chicago now for almost 2 months. This is my very first game server ever so this was all 100% new to me. Oorah's support was always available and helped every step of the way. Connecting to the game server and changing the config are the two things I needed help on. Their response was quick and friendly. The game server runs smooth and never experienced any performance issues. They're a great game hosting provider!
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • 2016-06-14
    This will be my first review of Oorah Gaming and my experience with my Ark game server hosted with them. Ordering, checkout, installation all went with no issues. The game server was slow to startup the first time, but since then it starts/stops/restarts with no issues. Ark is not a small game so it typically takes some time anyways. At other providers it would normally take more than a minute to start, but at Oorah it starts up under a minute. This is of course dependent on how many mods you run. Oorah's game servers must have some serious horse power! I had no issue connecting to the game server via adding it to my Steam Server Browser, then having it appear in my in game favorites. First play I experienced no lag, had a low ping, and got right to work building my fort and taming my beasts. I was impressed with Oorah Gaming!
    Jim T
  • SSD VPS CPanel Hosting
  • 2016-06-14
    I've hosted my VPS for CPanel hosting with them for almost 5 years now. Always fast support response times and never have had any issues. No reason to go anywhere else. I'm happy!
  • DinnoMadness
  • 2016-06-11
    I have a Ark server in Dallas. Oorah Gaming offers awesome support for Ark! They have made the mod installation process very easy and quick with their custom script. Enter the mod id and click execute, and the mod automatically downloads to your game server! No need for FTP downloading and uploading manually to your server. And because it's downloading directly from the server in the datacenter the mod is downloaded 10x faster! Saved me a lot of time! Oorah is the best!
  • Great Staff & IT Support
  • 2016-04-15
    We have our 4 dedicated servers hosted with ONeil Online and they also provide our onsite IT Support. Their techs who come over to our office are always friendly and very knowledgeable. We have never experienced any downtime and are always willing to provide support step by step, hold your hand kind of experience. I would recommend ONeil Online to other business looking to outsource their IT needs. It will be the best decision you've ever made!
  • Unturned Seattle
  • 2016-04-10
    I run a private unturned server in Seattle for my friends. I never experience any issues with OorahGaming. I tell every gamer I know about them.
  • Great Support
  • 2016-03-06
    I have a Killing Floor 2 server in Chicago. I initially had issues getting workshops to work. The support helped me get it working, I had input the download url to the wrong config file. Response was quick, helpful, and friendly. I appreciate it!
  • Insurgency @ Dallas
  • 2016-02-27
    Everything stated on their website was accurate. Game server included the free teamspeak and setup was as instant as it could be, steam updates took a while but I don't think that has to do with OorahGaming. Never have any lag or high ping, and map changes are VERY quick even with a full 32 slot server. I credit that to their SSD drives. Great service that I wish I found sooner!
    Dan Phelps
  • Web Designer
  • 2016-02-18
    I host all my clients at Wattaserver and I have never experienced any downtime or service issues. As a web designer it is important to choose a great hosting provider because their performance is a reflection of my service. A great hosting provider is the foundation of my work. Wattaserver was my choice, and has been my choice for over 10 years now. Thank you!
    Janne Stephens
  • Frankfurt Game Server
  • 2016-02-06
    I have a Killing Floor 2 game server in Frankfurt with Oorah Gaming. Ordering, setup, config, was all flawless without any issues. I am located in Amsterdam and the performance has been great.
  • Best Space Engineers Support
  • 2016-02-04
    I have a Space Engineers server located in LA. Most of my friends are located in LA, but a couple of them are in Sydney and even they have a great ping! Never lags or rubberbands. And the Oorah support was always available to help me with my config. Great staff and friendly.
  • IT Outsource
  • 2016-01-28
    We have hosted our 3 dedicated servers @ Watta Server for 4 years now. The servers are fully managed, route optimized. Our online store, database, billing system and customer database have been in great hands. In the 4 years we have had 100% uptime, and when we request about changing a config on the server, the support staff is always quick to respond and finish within minutes. I would recommend any business, large or small, to look into Watta Server!
    Jack Steel
  • VPS Cluster @ Watta Server
  • 2016-01-08
    I host our business critical VPS Cluster for our intranet site backend here in Seattle. With over 70,000 hits per month with complicated calculations these VPS have yet to have issue. I credit it to their fast network and SSD VPS. Our choice to host with them was the best decision.
    Lee Ping
  • The best game server hosting provider.
  • 2016-01-06
    OorahGaming is the best game server hosting provider. Support response times are always fast, staff is knowledgeable, and the game server never has lag or issues. I highly recommend you to go with them.
  • CEO, Rosa Gaming Services
  • 2015-12-29
    O'Neil Online is absolutely fantastic! Through Oorah Gaming, they host my gaming server, TS3 Server and Web Domain. Their technical support staff is friendly and helpful. The performance and uptime of their services is absolutely amazing! I have had other hosting companies in the past and none can compare to these guys! I am a loyal customer and would not go to any other company after everything that this company has helped me to achieve. Thank you!
    Mark Rosa
  • The best ping!
  • 2015-12-02
    I know Oorah Gaming's parent company ONeilOnline recently did a massive upgrade to their Chicago datacenter based on the detailed info emailed to us prior to the updates. Prior to the updates my ping was 55-65ms to the Chicago datacenter. After the upgrades now my ping is 40-50ms! This is crazy fast because usually Dallas which everyone knows has the best network, I usually get 50-55ms. So yea, now Chicago is beating it! And it's not only me, all my friends and clan members say it's awesome playing on our server now. The upgrades have been a great performance increase! Awesome!
  • VPS Provider
  • 2015-11-20
    I have 4 VPS hosted with Watta Server. I find their support always friendly and very helpful.
  • Space Engineers
  • 2015-11-17
    I have a Space Engineers game server hosted in Seattle. The server has excellent ping and never lags. I see a lot of positive game reviews online about Oorah Gaming. It's all 100% true!
    Space Cadet
  • Crisis Averted
  • 2015-10-12
    I had my CPanel server hacked! They replaced ALL the index pages with their crap for all the accounts on the server which is about 48 total customers. I contacted watta support and they were able to lock down my server and restore the index files. It took about an hour to complete. I thought CPanel was secure by itself, I got a reality check on that one! I'm just so glad watta server was there, I've never heard of a host going above and beyond like that. Online I read all kinds of reports how this is actually common with CPanel servers getting hacked. Lock yours down now!
    Lee B
  • The Best Web Hosting
  • 2015-10-02
    What makes web hosting at ONeil Online so great? Its because the web host is on one server, the email host is on another server, the MySQL database is on another server. Spreading out these services over a cluster of servers makes the data scream performance. Typically, hosting providers have a single server that hosts the web, email and database. These services compete for resources from the CPU, RAM, and hard drive. The more people you have using that server the performance degrades quickly. I wanted to explain that because I don't think people understand their setup. The structure used by ONeil Online and their Intrinsic web hosting is brilliant. Everyone should jump on board!
    Sprey Web
  • Oorah Gaming Review
  • 2015-10-02
    I have only been a customer for a month, but I wanted to share my experience. Ordering and setup of my game server and teamspeak was quick and automatic. I needed help on configing my server, changing the command line mainly. Their live chat was always available and quick to help. Their support tickets were equally as fast on responses. I highly recommend them!
  • Best Support
  • 2015-09-27
    I found Oorah Gaming from one of the public servers they run for Insurgency in Los Angeles. I played there for about a month before I made the move to purchasing my own game server. I was really hesitant because I have no idea how to run or setup a game server. Form the beginning I created a support ticket asking them for help and explained I had no idea what I was doing. I wanted this config run, fast downloads, etc, etc. Oorah Gaming support setup and config the entire server for me! I couldn't believe it! Within an hour of getting the server, I had it up and running exactly how I wanted it. Incredible service! I would recommend everyone to Oorah Gaming because they take care of you! The best support ever! Above and beyond! Thank you!
    Mr. Wonderful
  • #1 Game Hosting Provider
  • 2015-09-06
    I have been gaming for over 10 years. Insurgency, CSGO, AAPG are what I play mostly now. I have hosted game servers with NFO, Gameservers, and Vilayer. All three had crappy support. When the server went offline, it sometimes would take 2-3+ hours to get a reply on a support ticket. Then they would only restart it to get it back online. I heard the reason is they host each instance of gameserver on a VPS. So every customer is basically on their own VPS. And when you get a lot of VPSs on a dedicated server sometimes those VPS will "time out" is what I've been told, and the only way to bring it back online is to restart the VPS. When I learned of this I researched into all the game hosting providers I could find to see who hosted on VPS and who hosted on dedicated servers. OorahGaming not only hosted on dedicated servers, but also had the best features with free voice server and web hosting, AND had great prices. I learned that NFO, Gameservers, and Vilayer host on VPS because it allows them to cram a lot of game servers onto one dedicated server = Cheap Bastards! I immediately made the move to OorahGaming and never looked back and have never had any doubts about my decision. In the couple of years I have now been with OorahGaming the few support tickets I've created for mod install/update issues their response time has been all within a minute, I would even say within 30 seconds! And this is not only the first response, but the second, third, and forth! Their support team must be bored! LOL No lag, low ping, no issues to report with their game servers. I would recommend every gamer to look into OorahGaming and stop tolerating crappy support and service, because there is better! OorahGaming is the best game hosting provider, hands down, bar none!
  • CSGO
  • 2015-09-05
    I have 3 CSGO servers with them for our clan matches and for open play. Our clan members are spread from Europe to Asia. All of them are amazed and say their ping is the best with OorahGaming. I'm not sure why or how they do it, but thank you for having a great network. OorahGaming is the best!
  • #2 Custom Build Server
  • 2015-09-02
    I posted about the success of my first customer build server, and I am now posting about my second custom build server. The exact same specs as last time. Ordering was easy and build was completed in less than 24 hours. Watta Server has great staff, always available, easy to talk to, work fast, and know what they are doing. Highly recommend.
  • Fast Build Times
  • 2015-08-24
    I just wanted to report how fast Watta Server can allocate a server. From checkout to receiving the Welcome Email was at most about 10 minutes. I couldn't believe it.
  • Testimonials
  • 2015-08-16
    Testimonials are submitted from within your account area. You can create as many as you want, edit them, or remove them. I thought it was really cool that they allow the customer to do this. It's so easy! I have been a fan of Oorah Gaming for some time now. I recommend them to all my gaming friends. And I think everyone who hosts with them should be creating their own testimonials to post. Spread the word how great they are!
  • Custom Build Server
  • 2015-08-16
    I had a custom build server quoted from Watta Server. E3 with 4x 512GB SSDs with hardware RAID 10 for a VPS node in Dallas. The server board had a dual 1Gbps nic that I had them bond round robin. This machine SCREAMS! I love it and my customers rave about it. Solid build machine, I look forward to my next order very soon.
  • Arma 3 Epoch & Killing Floor 2
  • 2015-08-14
    I have two servers with Oorah Gaming in Los Angeles. They perform great!
  • Great Hosting
  • 2015-07-26
    I have a 7 Days To Die server with Oorah Gaming in Dallas. I have had no issues with performance and all my friends who play with me report all excellent pings in the teens. Great game everyone should play!
  • 1 Year Review
  • 2015-07-17
    I've been with Watta Server now for a year. I am writing my review to report I haven't had any network or hardware issues to date. I am located in Argentina so my ping isn't the best, but their Dallas datacenter has the best latency times I have seen at any datacenter in the US with any provider. I have only good things to say about them. A great service, only praise.
  • CODMW3
  • 2015-07-11
    I got my free slurpy today from 7-Eleven! But as a side note, I've had a CODMW3 server with Oorah Gaming now for 4 months. Have only happy things to say. No issues, no lag, just happy fragging!
  • Support even on the weekends!
  • 2015-07-06
    I was doing OS updates on our server this 4th of July weekend. After I reboot the server it never came back online. I reached out to support and they responded within a minute. They took a look at the server, I don't 100% understand what they did, but the server was back online in 30 minutes. They saved my weekend! BIG Thank You!
    Aaron C
  • Excellent Support
  • 2015-06-24
    Always available, quick response times. You get the feeling they care unlike other providers out there who could respond in hours. When in a pinch they are there for you.
  • Unbeleivable
  • 2015-06-17
    When I first came across Oorah Gaming I had a hard time believing their service was any good. With free web hosting and free voice server it sounded like they were giving away their services, must have been crap. But with prices so cheap, I only had a couple of dollars to loose, so why not test and see? I purchased an Insurgency server since it seamed popular with them. Setup was quick and had no issues. The voice server came online just as fast as the game server. Hopped on and set the server to matchmaking so it would populate relatively quick. In about 2 hours the server was full. No lag, No performance issues. One month later, I have no issues to report. Two months, still no issues. I'm now using the server for our clan matches when needed. Haven't had any issues to report. I'm really surprised what a great service it's turned out to be. I would recommend more to try out Oorah Gaming.
  • America's Army Proving Grounds
  • 2015-06-16
    I have 2 AAPG servers hosted with Oorah Gaming. Everything was setup fast and without issue, including the PB screenshot access. Other providers I've been with didn't allow PB screenshot access. Never experience lag even with a full server. I would recommend hosting AAPG with Oorah Gaming!
  • The Best Support!
  • 2015-06-06
    I run an Insurgency server with a lot of custom mods and skins. Every time I submitted a support ticket the support staff responded within a minute! Always willing to help and show me how to do things. They always go above and beyond! Thank you!
  • #1 Game Hosting Provider
  • 2015-05-29
    Why? Oorah Gaming cares about your game server. Their support team will work on an issue until it is resolved and you are happy. If that's installing a mod or creating a custom config, they are willing to help, they know what they are doing. Oorah Gaming cares about the gaming community. They sponsor more clans, communities, leagues and tournaments than any other game hosting provider. Oorah Gaming servers perform awesome. Never any lag, quick map loads, I think that's why so many communities and leagues are hosted on their servers. Clearly thousands trust them for game hosting and have put them #1 above all the rest!
  • Insurgency Server Hosting
  • 2015-05-14
    If you haven't noticed Oorah Gaming is all over the Insurgency community hosting game servers and sponsoring game servers. The reason is because they know how to host an excellent INS server. No lag spikes and excellent support AND an excellent price! Those other game service providers are a joke by charging WAY too much. Oorah offers way more features, better quality network, and MUCH better support. It's an obvious choice.
  • Best Support!
  • 2015-05-12
    We have had a server with Watta Server now for 6 months. We contacted them before purchasing a server to get a feel of how legit they were. The Live Chat answered immediately and the sales staff was very friendly and answered all of our questions. Our initial setup had no issues, we got the server within 24 hours. About a month into the service one of our web hosting customers got a BIG TCP DDoS attack. Their support staff contacted us via support ticket to notify us of the attack. The website being attacked didn't appear to have any issues, I guess this was the DDoS protection working. The attack lasted about 2 hours, and afterwards the support sent us bandwidth graphs showing the attack and the originating IPs. They were able to block the IPs for us both on their network side, and explained how to add it to our software firewall. I thought it was pretty impressive, I felt taken care of. In the 6 months that is the only issue that has come up that I recall. It's been pretty much smooth sailing. With out a doubt the best support I have ever experienced.
  • Owner/ Lead Coder Gone-Gaming
  • 2015-04-17
    Support for these guys is amazing, no other words for it, they are friendly FAST (i mean lightning fast), and human. The few support tickets i have put in i have gotten everything from an lol (after i used it) to a winky face and a joke, while still being professional. in terms of support and price, there is no better option that i have found.
  • Killing Floor 2
  • 2015-04-10
    Oorah Gaming is the only one of a couple game server providers out there that offer Killing Floor 2 with more than 8 slots. Their order form lists 52 slots available! Not many providers have the quality and power in their servers to be able to host that many slots. I have been completely happy with the performance of my 24 slots. Everyone should give oorah gaming a go!
  • Gaming Testimonial
  • 2015-03-23
    Not only does Oorah provide the best servers on the market, their customer support is the fastest and easiest I have ever seen with any company! If you are coming down to which server provider to pick, I recommend Oorah. You won't be disappointed. Vas'Avi - Halo Champions 2014 Youtube Network Gaming News
    Vas'Avi Network
  • VOIP Hosting
  • 2015-02-26
    We have had our dedicated VOIP hosting with watta server for over 1 year now. Our previous provider we paid over $150 per month. With watta we are paying $80! Same quality network, same performance, AND the support is 10X better! We had initial issues with the config of our VOIP but watta support was very quick to assist us and resolve the issues. There is no reason to pay out the nose when you could get better with Watta Server! Make the change now!
  • Oorah Gaming takes care of you.
  • 2015-02-23
    I've been with Oorah now for about 2 months, and any issues or config questions they are always ready to help or do it for me. Ticket response times in less than 15min. They know what they are doing. Unlike other game hosts out there who don't care, Oorah definitely cares about the server being online, no lag, and having happy gamers.
  • Best Insurgency Hosting!
  • 2015-01-28
    We have had an 32 slot Insurgency server with Oorah for almost a year now. That includes the 32 slot TS3 voice server that comes free. The staff know what they are doing and are always available, quick ticket response times. Never experience lag or downtime. Did I mention the staff are 110% more friendly, and I feel like they don't just brush me off, compared to those other game server providers like NFO or gameservers. Oorah Gaming is definitely better than them!
  • Best Server Provider
  • 2015-01-14
    Watta Server has the best support! Every question I had in the presale they gave complete detailed answers. And every support question I've had they have been quick to resolve the issue. If you want a reliable dedicated server provider, Watta Server is the choice for you!
  • The best game server hosting provider.
  • 2015-01-06
    OorahGaming is the best game server hosting provider. Support response times are always fast, staff is knowledgeable, and the game server never has lag or issues. I highly recommend you to go with them.
  • Amazing sponsors, best of the best
  • 2014-12-24
    What can i say? Oorah has always come through with us, we had sponsors , treat us like dirt or simply do not give a rats butt about us, but Oorah/Oneil Online has always been there for us. We feel like ,they treat us like part of the family , and not just a person through a computer screen. Tickets are fast and they got all the tech stuff figured out. They always know what you want, what you need, and what you are talking about! Nothing more can be said than thanks for being there for us, you guys are best of the best AKA: Mucho Bueno!
    Vas'Avi Gaming
  • Game Server Hosting
  • 2014-11-11
    We have been hosting our game servers on Watta Servers for over a year now and have never had an issue. Their support is always very quick to respond unlike majority of the dedicated server providers out there. I always speak highly of them.
    Iron Sight Gaming
  • best provider ever
  • 2014-10-22
    Best prices and best customer service. Website,Teamspeak, and Server all for one low price....even fast repsonses from tickets...it's almost too good to be true.I love these guys
  • Dual Xeon 5520
  • 2014-10-09
    I have had a Dual Xeon 5520 out of Dallas for over a year now. I host my personal websites, gaming clan site, voice server, and 4 of our clan game servers. I wanted to report I have never had any issues with the server, hardware, or network. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Best Servers!
  • 2014-08-12
    I am so happy I found Watta Server. They have the best prices and sales out of all the hosting providers. Many servers to choose from and many locations to choose from. I don't need to look anywhere else! Amazing!
    Alfredo Cruz
  • 12 Years!
  • 2014-06-23
    I just realized 12 Years to the day tomorrow we have been with Oorah Gaming. Yes we are still around, Yes they are still around! You could even read my previous testimonial below! LOL The servers are still going strong! Thank you for the years of excellent service!
    5th Infantry Division
  • 10 Gbit Uplink = Crazy Fast!
  • 2014-06-05
    I have had a dedicated server with them for just over 4 months now. My website steams a lot of content so I required a 10 Gbit uplink. Watta Server was only a few service providers out there who can provide this type of bandwidth. I chose them because they were the cheapest. Honestly I was skeptical at first if the bandwidth was true, how good was their network, and at that price I hope they provided some support. 4 months in and I have no complaints! Watta Server has been the best!
  • SSD Server
  • 2014-04-12
    I purchased a SSD Server 2 months ago. The server screams performance! The best response times and latency times I have ever had on a server. I don't know what makes this server different than other SSD servers I've had in the past. Watta Server is the best!
    Javier Lopez
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • 2014-03-20
    Two years hosting with Watta Server we didn't have any issues and the network performed flawless. Woke up one morning and the server was offline so I submitted a support ticket. Jason responded within 5 minutes to look into what the issue was. 15 minutes later he broke the bad news. The 1TB HD had died loosing all my data. 15 minutes after that the server was back online 100% with a new HD. Luckily I had a backup in place, but later found out when I was restoring, due to an error in the rsync script on my part the backup was outdated by 2 months. None the less, I was seriously impressed at the quick turn around time watta server provided. They were there when I needed them. I've never had an experience like that with any other datacenter. Thank you for the quick work.
  • St Patrick's Day Sale
  • 2014-03-20
    I wait every year for their St Patrick's Day Sale to build out my network with more dedicated servers. Yes, their prices are already cheap, but every sale they get even cheaper! Unbelievable. Excellent servers, excellent network, great uptime. I love it!
    VPS Hosting Provider
  • Watta Staff
  • 2014-01-25
    We host 6 dedicated servers with Watta Server, 3 in Dallas and 3 in Chicago. From the presales questions, setup and config questions, watta staff are always quick to respond. Xavier is the one who helped us the most and is clearly a valuable team member there. We appreciate everything they have done for us and love the network performance. Everyone should checkout Watta server and give them a try.
    Small Startup
  • Best Dedicated Server Support
  • 2014-01-16
    From the beginning I have always been surprised how fast their support ticket response time is. I don't think anyone compares to watta server level of support. If you want someone who you know will be there for you, watta server is what you want.
    Web Master
  • Team Fortress 2
  • 2014-01-06
    I have had a TF2 server with Oorah Gaming for almost a year now and I have never experienced any issues with it. Even with the server full, no lag, low ping, no issues. Great solid service.
  • The best network!
  • 2013-10-15
    I'm not sure how ONeil Online does it, but their network is the best! Our dedicated server gets the lowest pings and latency. The BEST response times of ANY data center I have seen! I wouldn't go anywhere else for my servers!
  • Insurgency
  • 2013-10-09
    Our gaming clan purchased a 28 slot Insurgency server just over 8 months ago. The support staff at oneilonline really knows what they are doing and how to run a steam server. They have helped us with every tweak to our server to get it running just the way we want. Awesome work! Thank you!
    Michael W
  • Unbelieveable Prices
  • 2013-09-27
    There are only a few cheap dedicated server providers out there. Watta Server definitely falls into that category. However, with those other providers I would be lucky to get a ticket response time within an hour, often it's 2-6 hours. You definitely get what you pay for. Watta Server is different, not only are they cheap, but I always get ticket response times in 5, 10, 15 minutes at the most! It sets them apart from those other dedicated providers. I read somewhere on their website, or was it an ad they posted, how it was possible to have cheap prices AND excellent support. It's the truth here! You can always count on them answering quick. I highly recommend them for your dedicated hosting needs.
    Frank Kraft
  • Dedicated at its best!
  • 2013-09-12
    Watta Servers are a great product. Service, support, performance, and their fast bandwidth, you can't go wrong! If you are not hosting with oneilonline, you should be looking into why you are not! I recommend them!
    Secure Web
  • The Best Staff
  • 2013-07-28
    We have 3 dedicated servers with Watta Server. These are content streaming servers one on the west coast, east coast, and central for our online magazine. Any questions we have or tweaks to our private network watta staff are always available and know how to make an excellent network without any hickups. In particular Jason is a joy to speak with and is an excellent solution provider. I highly recommend Watta Server for all your dedicated server needs.
    Happy Customer
  • Dedicated Server Bliss
  • 2013-07-24
    I have been buying Watta Servers for almost 3 years now and they are SOLID. I've never had any serious issues, and when I need a reboot or assistance your support is always on top of it! I don't think I've had a response time longer than 15 minutes! Amazing! Keep up the great work!
    Webber Hosting
  • I'm a person not a number.
  • 2013-07-03
    With other game hosting providers I've been with in the past I was treated like a number. Client #124, Customer #124, of Customer $12.40 no matter how you put it. With Oorah Gaming it was all first names, talking about games, mods, stats, leagues, how to run a better server, and where we're playing tonight. It's not unheard of to see Oorah Gaming staff on our clan server or in our forums. A completely different experience that sets Oorah Gaming apart from those other providers. They genuinely feel like a community of game players, who happen to also be a game server provider. An excellent game server provider to boot! I highly recommend them.
  • Insurgency
  • 2013-07-02
    Our clan has had an Insurgency server with Oorah for over 6 months now. My guess is Oorah is the largest Insurgency host out there. Seams everyone is with them. Clearly the best choice.
    True Grit
  • Excellent Service!
  • 2013-06-06
    Carbon Fiber Deals has been with oneilonline's watta server dedicated hosting for over a year now and we have been very happy. I recommend them for everyone's hosting needs.
    Carbon Fiber Deals
  • Best Support!
  • 2013-05-24
    Our web server was hacked and they compromised all of our clients websites. We submitted a support ticket and in about an hour everything was restored! oneilonline even showed us some tricks on how to prevent a future attack on our server. Their support team is a lifesaver! Thank you very much!
    GB Web Design
  • Watta Server!
  • 2013-05-14
    I think you guys picked the most appropriate name for your dedicated server line. No matter what load I throw at it, I'm always thinking WATTA SERVER! LOL No joke! Incredible hardware choices, incredible performance, incredible prices! I recommend everyone to go with you!
    Dedicated Customer
  • P4
  • 2013-04-12
    One of the few providers out there who sell P4 Servers. I run a customer kernel that will only run on a P4. I use the server for testing lab script stuff and offsite backup. Excellent support and network. Never had any outstanding issues.
    Albert Lee
  • Best Service & Support
  • 2013-04-08
    We have a 8 Watta Servers from oneilonline for over 5 years now. We have always had a good experience with everything from setup, config, support, reboots, and questions. Their staff is very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend them to everyone.
    Strategic Web Hosting
  • Oorah Gaming is the best!
  • 2013-02-12
    I have a few game servers with Oorah. As our clan has grown and shrank over the years we've naturally increased or decrease the number of slots on our servers. Oorah will change the number of slots the following month and not worry about the price difference. Goes to show it's not always about the money, but ensuring the customer is always gaming and happy. Thank you for great customer service and a great hosting service.
    Hard Core
  • Content Server Hosting
  • 2013-02-08
    We searched high and low for a content server provider that would be able to handle our hardware and bandwidth requirements. We stream about 1 terabyte of video a week with over 250,000 unique hits a month. We have been with oneilonline for 5 years now and we are completely happy with our service. Go with Watta Server and never look back! I highly recommend them!
  • COD Server
  • 2012-11-22
    I have a personal COD server. I have never had any high ping or lag on the server. Always runs smooth even with 30+ people. Great game server provider.
  • Spam free email!
  • 2012-08-16
    I didn't think it was possible, and I don't know what oneilonline does, but I don't know of any email service that doesn't get any spam! My previous email provider had so much spam every day. With oneilonline I'm lucky to get one or two a month!
  • Crazy Low Prices
  • 2012-08-13
    When I first came across Oorah Gaming everything about them seamed too good to be true. But at such a low price, what did I have to loose? That was 6 months ago! Oorah Gaming has been the best! No lag, fast pings, great control panel, great support. I have nothing bad to say about them. They are definitely worth more than what they price their services at. Heck I would pay more, but I'm not complaining! Oorah Gaming all the way!
  • Game Update Failure
  • 2012-06-09
    The Insurgency game server refused to update. I got a support ticket response within 15 minutes. Xavier was able to complete a reinstall and mirror our config to the new server. Started the server back up and was good to go! The entire process from me submitting the ticket to being back online playing took a total of only 35 minutes. Impressive, can you tell me a similar experience with another provider? I don't think so! Oorah Gaming is the bomb!
  • CSS
  • 2012-05-27
    Ordering and setup was a breeze! TCAdmin control panel rocks! Great setup guys!
  • Thank You Sponsor!
  • 2012-05-15
    This may appear to be a little biased because Oorah Gaming is our sponsor so we get their services for free. But because we are free often it is assumed that we will be last on the priority list. That is not the case with Oorah Gaming. Our support ticket responses are easily less than 5 minutes. The staff is always helping us out with advertising, getting our name out there, giving us ideas on how to recruit, and supporting our league play with match servers. They have help us a bunch! Thank you!
    Greg G
  • Tickle Me Pink!
  • 2012-04-12
    I am SO happy with your hosting service! I will recommend you to everyone!
    Pink Panther
  • St Patrick's Day Special
  • 2012-03-13
    St Patrick's Day Special!?! I think it's SO funny that you guys are "celebrating O'Neil's Irish heritage" with a sale! I love your sales AND I love your humor! Or maybe I think it's just funny, because my name is Patrick!
  • Awesome!
  • 2012-01-12
    I love you guys! Never had a issue for 5 years now!
  • Server Offline
  • 2012-01-01
    Our CSS Server went offline on new years eve! Not midnight but at 9:12pm. I got a support ticket response from Xavier in less than 5 minutes. He was able to reboot the server node and was back up and playing. I was so surprised to get a response that quick on new years! Awesomeness.
  • Web Design
  • 2011-12-05
    Thank you for completing my website on time and under budget!
  • Best IT Support
  • 2011-11-12
    oneilonline has helped us through every crisis. Trustworthy and reliable. You can count on them!
  • Hello
  • 2011-07-06
    What do you guys not do??? Web hosting, domain registrar, game servers, voip servers, web design, your very own wikipedia! LOL I love it!
  • CSS Server
  • 2011-07-02
    Our clan has a CSS server with Oorah Gaming. We have been with them for 6 month now. I've never submitted a support ticket and our server has never had any issues, no lag to report.
  • The Best Game Servers
  • 2011-04-09
    Oorah Gaming provides the best game servers out there without a doubt. Low prices, great package, excellent customer service, low ping, no lag. I think everyone should sign up with them.
  • Oorah Gamers
  • 2011-03-21
    I just got done playing Insurgency with Xavier and Jason from Oorah Gaming. It was SO cool knowing I was playing with them! I think I can report they are definitely not newbs. Great staff at Oorah Gaming.
  • Intranet Bliss
  • 2011-02-09
    We love our new intranet site! It's greatly improved our communication and organization! Great understanding of our needs and making a site that is an excellent tool for our company. We appreciate it! Thank you.
  • LA COD
  • 2010-11-23
    We have a COD game server in LA with Oorah Gaming. No issues to report for 4 months now.
    Dan Kim
  • Insurgency
  • 2010-10-27
    We have been hosting our Insurgency clan with Oorah Gaming for just a month but wanted to share how great their service and staff have been with all the questions we had in configing our game server and helping us get the stats streaming to our website. Jason has been particularly helpful as he was the one who helped us in majority of the questions. Thank you for getting things working so well.
  • Maintenance
  • 2010-06-12
    What I have seen with Oorah Gaming that I have not seen with any other provider is how they have a maintenance schedule on their servers. At least that is what I was told by their staff Jason via support ticket. When Oorah feels the server hardware is getting outdated, they will move all the game servers on that server node to a new server node. Jason said it was to ensure the customers have quality, high performing hardware at all times on their game server, and to ensure no hardware failures. I thought this was a great idea and unique to Oorah services. Just another reason I should share that makes Oorah Gaming such a good provider.
    Mike Zapato
  • Unbelievable
  • 2010-04-02
    I have never seen prices so low per slot from any game server provider. Then on top of that to offer free web hosting and free voice server with every game server? Where are you making any money? That is what I thought 8 months ago when I signed up. I have never been happier with a GSP. No service issues or lag, and they respond quick to support tickets. Unbelievable, but 100% REAL.
  • COD Clan with Oorah Gaming
  • 2010-02-04
    We have a game server and voice server with Oorah Gaming. I have nothing but good words to share about Oorah. Their response time on tickets is faster than any provider I have been with. Their network is solid, never experienced lag or high ping. Keep up the great works guys!
    -(O)- Clan
  • Excellent Hosting
  • 2010-01-10
    We have been with Oorah Gaming for 6 months now and we are 100% happy with our service. We have experienced no issues, I have yet to submit a support ticket, yes it's that good. Everyone should check them out and give them a go.
    [U]T Clan
  • Oorah Gaming League [OGL]
  • 2010-01-02
    I am so impressed with the OGL. One of the best gaming leagues out there, well organized and match servers are always performing well. I recommend all the clans I know to sign up! Thanks for providing such a great service!
    Justin B
  • Highly Recommend
  • 2009-06-09
    I highly recommend Oorah Gaming for their excellent customer service. Support ticket response times are less than 15 minutes, I've never had anything longer than that. The staff is very knowledgeable about game server configs, game server addons, game server mods, and game server stats. The staff are always available to help, for questions, or to just talk fragging. Everyone should check them out!
  • Awesome Service
  • 2009-05-23
    Oorah Gaming is the gaming service provider to beat! They have an excellent network with low latency and low ping. And their staff is great! We love all you guys, Michael, Xavier, Jason, and Jennifer. Its been fun hanging with all of you at the LAN Parties. We look forward to being with you guys as long as we are around. Thank you.
    Murder Squad
  • Web Hosting
  • 2008-11-14
    Today I signed up my 50th client! That's 50 clients now hosted with oneilonline! I host all my websites with oneilonline because of their great web hosting. I've never had any issues and they are consistently fast, regardless of how large the site is...which is amazing! I love you guys!
    Web Designer
  • DODS
  • 2008-08-12
    Our clan has been with Oorah Gaming for 2 years now. A game server with web hosting and a voice server, all included. An offer that is unbeatable. With quick response on tickets and a performance network it puts the icing on the cake! Everyone should be changing over to Oorah Gaming!
    Matt Fields
  • Pajama Party
  • 2008-06-20
    Thank you for sponsoring our Pajama Party again for the third year in a row! I know we drastically under estimated the number of clans that showed up to the event, but your servers were troopers and had no issues with the loads! VERY impressive! We hope the event is another success next year when it's in Denver! Thank you!
  • CSS & COD
  • 2008-06-06
    We are a clan of 58 persons, with about 35 of us going to your sponsored Pajama Party. We look forward to staking our claim at the lan party and meeting the staff of Oorah Gaming! Everyone should know about your excellent service and awesome staff. You guys rock!
    KillingMe --IMF--
  • What!?!
  • 2008-04-12
    Is there anything oneil online doesn't do??? Anything with computers that is. Or can you fix my blender too...? LOL
    Joe Reegan
  • Insurgency
  • 2008-01-03
    I was so surprised to see Oorah Gaming supporting Insurgency so soon! Our clan is one of the first to be sending shots down range :) Thank you for your excellent support! Great service providers!
  • COD Server
  • 2007-11-27
    We have a COD server with Oorah Gaming. Their support and staff are a great asset. They are always available to answer questions or talk game. I have played with a couple of their staff members online. They have skills online and at work! I would recommend this great team for anyone who is interested in a game server.
  • The Entire Package
  • 2007-06-02
    Oorah Gaming offers the entire package. Web hosting, voice server hosting, and game server hosting. With their incredible prices I was wondering how they did it? It seams too good to be true. I can rest assure you they are 100% legit. Oorah Gaming has been around since 2002, the latest I could see. I have been with them for over a year now. I have no issues or complaints. Oorah Gaming is the best.
    Elite Player
  • #1 Game Server Provider
  • 2007-03-13
    I have been with Oorah gaming for over 2 years now. I have never experienced any issues with the server or voice server. I recommend them to all my friends online. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
    Stan Smith
  • Best GSP
  • 2007-01-04
    Oorah Gaming is by far the best game server provider out there. Free web hosting, free voice server, cheap game server, no other provider can compete! We love our service with them!
  • The Lounge
  • 2006-06-20
    The Lounge is a gaming cafe located in Orange County. We signed up with Oorah Gaming to host game servers for our cafe. Their support is the best, whatever issue we have, whatever needs we have, they are always accommodating. We look forward to working with you and your great staff!
  • CSS Clan Sponsor
  • 2006-03-14
    Thank you for adopting our crazy clan for your sponsorship. We have been actively gaming for over a year now and look forward to growing with Oorah Gaming.
  • Thank you!
  • 2006-01-21
    Thank you for your great service!
  • Voice Server
  • 2005-08-28
    Our small international web gaming clan host our voice server with Oorah Gaming. Considering our members are spread all over the world the quality and clarity of the voice communication is excellent. I would recommend them.
  • Excellent Support
  • 2005-05-20
    I am clueless when it comes to config setups for game servers. None of it ever makes sense. That was my biggest fear in getting a game server. Oorah Gaming put me at ease. With their game server control panel and quick response times via support ticket they were able to help me with everything. More like they were able to do everything for me. I would recommend Oorah for everyone interested in a game server.
  • Metamod Nightmare
  • 2005-02-17
    I was having the hardest time getting metamod to work on our new game server. Oorah Gaming staff was available to help immediately. In about 5 minutes they got it working on the server. I should have just contacted them first rather than me spending half a day trying to get it work. Lesson learned. Oorah Gaming staff is awesome!
    Frank N Beans
  • DOD Clan
  • 2005-01-16
    We have been hosting with Oorah Gaming for almost a year now. We have not experienced any issues since signing up with them. Great hosting provider.
    DOD Clan
  • Game On!
  • 2005-01-06
    I just wanted to post again since I am about to head out back to college. Oorah Gaming is still going strong. I've had no issues or complaints. Oorah Gaming is still awesome!
    Kill Freak...again
  • Game on!
  • 2004-12-11
    I've been home for college winter break and have been doing nothing but gaming 24/7, at least it seams like it. My game server has been full for most of the time and hasn't had an issue, running smooth as ever. Oorah Gaming is awesome!
    Kill Freak
  • Proud
  • 2004-10-10
    I proudly post my satisfaction with you guys! Every question I have you guys respond quick! I'm lovin it!
  • Game Server Issues
  • 2004-09-05
    From the beginning I had the hardest time setting up our custom CSS server. No matter what I did the server would crash or not work properly. I reached out to Oorah staff and Jason responded within 15 minutes. We started with a fresh install, then he proceeded to install all the configs, addons, and custom maps I wanted. Talked with me through the entire process so I knew how to do it myself in the future. In all it took almost 2 hours to complete. Jason was the best help ever. I am so glad I signed up with Oorah Gaming. I would highly recommend them.
  • LA Game Server
  • 2004-07-20
    We are a LA based Korean CSS clan. Oorah Gaming is the best game server provider!
    Jung Lee
  • CSS Clan - Devil's Rejects
  • 2004-04-26
    We have been with then for over 1 year now. Our experience has been flawless. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a full service, one stop, shop for your gaming clan. Web hosting, voice server, and game server. Great outfit!
    Devil's Rejects
  • 32 Slot CSS
  • 2004-04-06
    I just bought a CSS server with Oorah. Checkout and instant activation was smooth and successful. Got online gaming in about 15 minutes! I heard about Oorah Gaming online via another clan server I was playing on. Everyone had great things to say. I look forward an issue free experience and lots of time on our new server! Thanks!
    AOC Unlimited
  • Awesome Web Hosting!
  • 2004-02-12
    Your one plan web hosting is awesome! I never have to worry about space or having to upgrade. It satisfies all my needs. Thank you.
  • oneilonline
  • 2003-10-21
    I've been hosting with them for over 2 years now. My website and email is always fast and have never had any issues. Great work!
  • Server Issues
  • 2003-08-12
    Having been with Oorah Gaming for over 2 months in Dallas, suddenly we started experiencing lag at night when the server was full. I submitted a support ticket and spoke with Xavier about the lag. He couldn't find anything wrong with the server node and recommended to move the game server to another node in Dallas. In about 45 minutes he was able to mirror our server config to a new server node and we were up and fragging once again. 2 month now since we move the server and have had no issues since to report. That has been our only issue to date. Thanks Xavier for your quick action to keep us gaming!
    AGC Clan
  • Best Support Response Times
  • 2003-06-06
    Oorah Gaming has the best response times of any game server provider I have been with. I've tried 3 other providers before I found Oorah. I left the other providers because their support response time was ridiculously slow, sometimes I would go an entire day without a response. Less than 15 min and Oorah staff is there. George answered my pre-sale questions and help tweak our server once we got up and running. Great support, great experience. I think I'll be here for a long time! Thanks!
    Nathan L
  • Excellent Support
  • 2003-02-04
    We were having all kinds of issues customizing our CSS server. Oorah Gaming staff helped us with everything. They were always available and knew exactly how to get what we wanted. Now our server is the best! And our clan members love it!
  • New York Game Server
  • 2002-11-15
    I started hosting our game server with Oorah Gaming about 5 months ago. Moving to them has been the best decision ever! Free voice server, free web hosting, and free tickrate settings = AWESOME!
  • Thank you!
  • 2002-08-20
    Thank you for hosting our clan end of the summer shoot out! We know it takes a lot of work to make sure it goes off without a hitch, and you succeeded! It was a load of fun! The 206 Clan Thanks You!
  • Thank You Sponsor!
  • 2002-07-21
    Thank you for sponsoring our LAN event here in La Jolla, CA! Setup and take down went flawless, your servers performed perfectly, and I know it's no easy feat getting such high bandwidth to a location for such a short time. Everyone had such a great time and the battles were awesome! I think it's safe to speak on behalf of everyone that was there, especially us, The Wrecking Crew, a big THANK YOU!!!
    The Wrecking Crew
  • 2002-07-20
    I use your VOIP services for my small office of 10 employees. The clarity is great, and it saves me a ton of money in long distance charges! Thank you!
  • Best Game Server Provider
  • 2002-06-24
    Oorah Gaming has sponsored our gaming clan. They have helped us setup our webiste, voice server, and game server config. Any addons, stats streaming they have helped us every step of the way. Everyone should check them out!
    5th Infantry Division
  • The Best Clan Sponsor!
  • 2002-06-14
    Thank you so much for sponsoring our gaming clan! The game server, voice server, website, and fast download url. I can't believe we got all of those for free! Amazing! Thank you so much!
  • The Best Web Hosting!
  • 2000-06-24
    We have been with oneilonline for over 2 years now. We've never had any issues with their web hosting. When we have questions about scripts or coding, they are always willing to jump in and help you out, more often they will just do it for you! We appreciate all the help! Thank you!
    Allure Web Design