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Additional IP Justification

What does IP justification mean?
IP justification means you must state a valid reason for your need of additional IP addresses. Due to the limited quantity of IPv4 addresses allocated by ARIN, all IPs must meet their strict requirements in order to be allocated.

What is not a valid reason for IP justification?
Multiple websites, multiple domains, multiple FTP sites, multiple VPNs, are all invalid reasons for additional IPs. ARIN will not accept any of these reasons, so we will not accept any of these reasons. The reason they will not be accepted because all of these services can be hosted from a single IP. It is called a shared hosting environment or virtual hosting.

Many times spammers, hackers, or people up to no good use these reasons to attain additional IP addresses. ARIN and ONeilOnline do not tolerate any such network or internet abuse.

If you are unsure if additional IPs are required or will be a valid reason, please submit a sales ticket and verify before you purchase. Thank you.

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